Alveole wants to boost commercial streets

Alveole is the name of a new crowdfunding support program. Commerce Sherbrooke announces its deployment, in partnership with La Ruche Estrie.
Theprogram aims to foster the emergence of projects that will help boost certain sectors and commercial arteries in Sherbrooke.

Alvéole is intended for project promoters who will have a direct impact on the vitality and / or commercial offer of one of the five sectors of the city of Sherbrooke that are being revitalized: the downtown core, King Street East, St. Elias Road, Queen Street in Lennoxville and the urban core of Brompton, are listed in a press release.

Participants will receive support from La Ruche Estrie to carry out a crowdfunding campaign. These projects can take various forms, such as the opening of a new business, the organization of an event for the community, the realization of a project of public beautification.

“The La Ruche Estrie platform is a tremendous tool that allows local entrepreneurs to concretize projects that truly meet the needs of a community,” says Charles-Olivier Mercier, General Manager of Commerce Sherbrooke.

“By adding our resources, we want to see these projects take root sustainably in environments that have been identified as priority development areas, so as to make them known and shine more. ”

“Perfectly aligned”

Eligible projects will receive financial support to pay for some of the costs of producing the project’s explanatory video – a crucial step in any crowdfunding process. In exchange, the beneficiaries must commit to promoting the relevant dynamisation sector in their video.

If the fundraising campaign proves to be successful, additional financial support of up to $ 2,500 will be awarded to reward promoters’ efforts and maximize the chances of success of their project. Based on the concept of “first come, first served”, the program has a total envelope of $ 10,000.

“This new partnership is perfectly aligned with La Ruche’s mission, which is to foster the emergence of projects that stimulate the region’s radiance and vitality,” says Steven Radenne, director of La Ruche Estrie.

“In this case, we can talk about vitality in a neighborhood or a commercial street,” he says.

All the details concerning the program are available at

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