“All life”: the challenge of arriving after “Unit 9”

CHRONICLE / Arriving after “Unit 9” is a daunting challenge for Danielle Trottier, one of our best recent comedians on television. “All life”, his new series that will arrive on HERE TV next Tuesday at 20h, and that marks the return to television of Roy Dupuis, will it live up to expectations?
Thestory begins when the Marie – Labrecque school, which welcomes pregnant teenagers aged 12 to 17, receives a new pupil, Edwige (Naïla Victoria Louisdor – Biassou), still closed on herself. And for good reason: her two parents are dead, and she is expecting a child she did not want. Edwige rebels, strikes her belly and considers the child in her as a foreign body.

Wait until you know her aunt, who has cared for her since her sister’s death, and who kicked her out after learning she was expecting a baby. Marthe Desrosiers (Anie Pascale) could not stand hearing her niece crying. “I have a career, I have a salon, I have accounts to pay,” she says in a burst of narcissistic anger. Edwige can not help but feel rejected.

We follow in parallel the fate of Anaïs (Cassandra Latreille), pregnant at age 13, “almost 14” she insists, a boy of 17, Tommy (Thomas Delorme, son of the couple Delorme-Perreault). Her parents (Fanny Mallette and Emmanuel Bilodeau) and her sister (Jade Charbonneau) may try to convince her to have an abortion, the girl does not want to hear anything, and leaves his campaign for the city, hoping to be admitted to Marie-Labrecque .

In the first episodes, one only glimpses Marie-Labrecque’s other students: the luminous Flora (Tayna V. Lavoie), who dreams of marriage, Jolène (Alison Carrier), who is sexually precocious enough to show a little too much on social networks, Camille (Amber Jabrane), who lives badly the divorce of his parents, and Den (Evelyne Lafrenière), who comes from a family living on social assistance. The School of All Life is home to residents with darker destinies, a lot more than Louise’s house in rooms in town once. The atmosphere is not at the party, the school seems almost empty. Let’s say we are somewhere between L’Escape and Unity 9, in terms of misery of the characters.

After three episodes, I have not yet attached myself to the characters of All Life, while those of Unity 9had immediately obtained my affection. I can hardly believe their motives. Some aspects of the show bother me. The only two fathers of the teenagers we have seen so far are brutes, compulsive and angry, while their wives seem more understanding, one of them being downright submissive, the other almost silent. The director of the school, played by Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc, is in turn overwhelmed by the events, tortured by the desire to save her flock at the risk of leaving her skin there. A classic. And we must not rely on the affable – but a little beige – psychoeducator Christophe L’Allier (Roy Dupuis), who arrives at the second episode, to put a little life in all that.

Remains of young actresses convinced and relatively convincing, mostly unknown, which we will not complain. Jean-Philippe Duval knew how to make the best of themselves. More luminous than Unit 9, its realization is also more nervous. Let us underline the successful effort of embedding everything in a musical framework that does not pretend to be young, but which is resolutely modern and rooted in our time: the sounds of Koriass, Queen Ka, Radio Radio and The Bronze ‘integrate perfectly with intrigues.

Overall, this is a rather lukewarm finding after three episodes. Some series start slowly and surprise us later; The blue hour, which will face All life at TVA, is the best example. Let’s just say I’m not convinced yet.


Ignored by the Academy, the excellent series Ruptures could take revenge on the evening of the gala, September 15, since it was ranked among the five titles nominated for the public award. The other shows are Discussions with my parents, District 31, Live from the universe and True nature , the only VAT title. In the meantime, enjoy the fifth and final season of Ruptures , from Monday at 21h on HERE TV. Our Ariane (Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin) has never seemed so fragile, to the point of losing the reason and put his career in jeopardy. Me, as long as Jean-Luc De Vries (Normand D’Amour) pays for his ugly sins by the end of the season.

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