Agreement entered into and accepted by STS drivers

An agreement was reached between the Union of STS Drivers (CUPE) and the Sherbrooke Transportation Corporation (STS) for the renewal of the collective agreement for the 147 drivers and drivers.
Thistentative agreement, reached at the 26th bargaining session, was endorsed by members at a special general meeting held on Wednesday.

“The meetings have always been held in a climate of respect between the two parties. Despite differences of opinion on certain points – which is quite normal during the bargaining period – both parties were still looking for solutions, “says STS President Marc Denault.

“This openness allowed us to reach a negotiated agreement, on the normative and the monetary”

The agreement reached respects the principles of sound financial management and fairness with other unions. It allows the implementation of concrete solutions to improve the working conditions of our employees and the conditions required to provide a quality service to our customers, notes a press release.

STS notes that the bargaining period did not have a negative impact on the service provided to customers.

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