A stranger under his sheets

A resident of the Outaouais had the unpleasant surprise of finding a stranger sleeping soundly in her bed, on the night of Saturday to Sunday.
Theunusual scene took place in the Wakefield sector of the municipality of La PĂȘche. It was about 2 pm Sunday morning when a lady who had just returned home “found a sleeping stranger snoring in her bed”.

“Having good manners, the guest was still careful to remove his shoes in front of the front door before slipping under the quilt,” reports the Public Security of the MRC des Collines-de-l Outaouais, which specifies that the man could enter through the door with ease, since it was not locked.

The man was fast asleep and the lady went to the police station to report the situation.

“Once there, the police had to wake up the man who thought he was at home, the authorities said. All indications are that he had been drinking and that he was mistaken. ”

However, the intruder remained 18 kilometers from the residence he believed to be his.

The lady did not complain, but the individual still received a $ 496 infraction for breaking a by-law on private property for no good reason, said Sgt. Martin Fournel, Public Safety spokesperson for the MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais.

The individual was then taken home by the police.

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