A second win at home for the Gaiters

The Bishops’ University Gaiters (2-2) had a second win in 2019 on Saturday afternoon when they defeated the Mount Allison Mounties 27-23 (0-3).
Ahus, Bishop’s won as many games this season than during his last three seasons combined.

Quarterback Charles Aubry, who was injured in the previous game against the St. Mary’s Huskies, was in charge of the Mauves attack on Saturday.

He had 230 yards and two touchdowns. He added 11 yards of ground gain.

Receiver Melvin Palin also had an offensive treat with 171 yards of gain through the air and a touchdown.

If the Gaiters attack was productive, the defensive unit did its share of the job in that victory.

Defensive back Nicolas Cartagenise took a serious option on the defensive player title defensive by completing three interceptions, a new record for the Gaiters, including one for a touchdown.

Both teams were face to face in the first half. A touchdown pass from Aubry to Palin kicked Bishop’s ahead 7-6 after 30 minutes of play.

Bishop’s had another major in the third quarter, a touchdown pass from Aubry to Zach Graveson, but it was in the last quarter that the locals put the game out of range of the Mounties, thanks to 13 points on the board.

The Gaiters are now enjoying a week off. They will resume action against the Axemen Acadia, September 28 in Lennoxville.

Acadia defeated Bishop’s in the first week of the season.

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