A motorist arrested after a road trip to Bromont

A motorist was apprehended by the police after his car was on the roof, along the Pierre-Laporte road in Bromont.
Thenorthbound car would have rolled over before ending up on the opposite side of the road between rue des Mélèzes and rue des Érables, according to witnesses on the scene.

“In the rearview mirror, I saw a car that started to zigzag and rolled backwards,” says Nohra Cortez, who was returning from Cowansville with her husband, son, and three grandchildren. . I started praying, I accelerated to get away, and I parked further. “She had just enough time to put herself in the shoulder before the erratic driving vehicle doubled her a few inches from his own vehicle.

Ambulance attendants, police and firefighters attended. The paramedics checked that the man was not injured before leaving the scene. The police handed him the handcuffs and the firefighters ensured the traffic, since a southbound lane was blocked. “He had a can of beer in his trouser pocket!” Reports Ms. Cortez’s husband, Carlos Gavidia, visibly shocked. “It smelled a lot of alcohol,” Cortez added.

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