A “mini-storm” shakes Baseball Sherbrooke

A change in the evaluation mode of the minor baseball players caused a “mini-storm” at Baseball Sherbrooke, which had to face a wind of protest in recent days.
Peveral players parents argued their displeasure when Baseball Sherbrooke announced that its members will now participate in the class B and A evaluation camp before they can participate in AA in the camp.

In a letter sent recently to parents, Baseball Sherbrooke also informs that all candidates must participate in a minimum of two out of three selection sessions to be eligible for the AA camp. And one of these sessions will take place this Saturday at Parc Quintal, while the season of other disciplines is already started, which will prevent some players from participating.

“We had a mini-storm,” said President Josée Lamoureux. We are aware that many young people also practice winter hockey, for example, and that activities have already begun. We do not want to stop people from going to their hockey. But baseball is as important as hockey, and a change has been made for the sole purpose of getting players in the right category by evaluating them better. ”

“We often start the selection camp in spring and the fields are not ready yet,” says technical director Karl Bolduc. Some parents wanted to see their child evaluated on a real course rather than in a gym. That’s why we wanted to organize a session after the last baseball season. We even waited to allow young people to start their season in another sport. ”

The president of Baseball Sherbrooke admits that some players showed up at the AA camp by not being of sufficient caliber and hoped then to evolve immediately in the A after missing the camp of the simple letter.

“By evaluating all players, we will be able to invite the best to AA and better categorize other players,” said Josée Lamoureux.

No more excuses

The Baseball Sherbrooke technical director says the organization will be less forgiving of the bad excuses for missing the days of the selection camp.

“We understand if the young person is participating in a tournament, a league game or at a major camp in another discipline, but we want our players to prioritize our camp if they only have a regular season game or a particular practice. We hear a lot of excuses from year to year, but this time we will be less indulgent. For those who have a good justification, we will hold a fourth session to adapt, “says Karl Bolduc.

Note that Baseball Sherbrooke saw its number of members double in five years, almost reaching the figure of 500 players.

“It’s also because of this that we use the Baseball Passion Academy, which also manages sport-studies, to better evaluate players,” says Karl Bolduc.

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