A house under construction destroyed by fire in Shefford

A fire broke out in a house under construction around 1 pm Sunday, rue des Cimes, Shefford, while the owners were out for dinner. They had spent the morning doing work there.
This is on their return they found the situation and they contacted the authorities.

The cause of the blaze remains unknown for the moment. “There was no electricity in the house yet, it was heated with a wood stove,” says Shefford Fire Department Director AndrĂ© Cadorette.

A shovel was needed to clear the debris and remove the tin roof, the remainder of the roof having collapsed.

According to our information, the work was coming to an end and the owners were hoping to settle there for Christmas.

Twenty firefighters from Shefford, Bromont and Waterloo were dispatched to control the flames and they were still there in the late afternoon. Since there is no water supply system in this area, the water was delivered on-site by teams from Bromont and Waterloo.

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