A first BMX competition that impresses

More than 75 riders took the start and the rain never showed up even though it was expected. The first 10-year BMX race on the track on the CSRS grounds was a great success according to the organizers.
“We were scared because of the weather, but finally we had runners en masse, said Jonathan Auger, vice-president of the non-profit BMX Sherbrooke. For a first, we are very satisfied. A lot of volunteers and parents from the other clubs who helped us, even if they are rival clubs we stand together and it’s nice events. ”

Saturday’s competition was one of the four stages of the BMX 4As regional circuit, with Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Bromont and Saint-Bruno next year.

Work was done the day before on the track so that it is in perfect condition to accommodate the runners.

“She held, everything was fine,” says Mr. Auger. Asphalt in curves has responded well. ”

Jonathan Auger confirms that Sherbrooke will try again to organize a 4As race. He also hopes to bring a Quebec Cup to Estrie.

A track of “national level”

François Levesque, BMX vice-president of the Quebec Federation of Cycling Sports, was in Sherbrooke Saturday to attend the competition. He had only good words for the event.

“It’s a great improvement and a huge boost for the club,” he says. From what I see, it’s a national track. You have to go gradually. I would very much like to have a provincial competition here and I hope so. And hopefully, there could be a Canada Cup. The track allows it, it has the caliber to do it. ”

Some adjustments would however be made since a major competition can attract about 3000 people on the site.

“I think you have a mayor who is interested in doing this and that’s very important,” says Lévesque. There should be platforms on both sides of the track and space for the marquees, but the location allows it. ”

Mr. Lévesque also praised the asphalting of the curves of the track.

“Purists like to have clay, but with the speeds that are achieved now, elite levels can run up to 70 km / h, asphalt curves are essential for holding large events. And for a club, the maintenance of an asphalt track is cut by two-thirds. ”

The mayor goes down the runway

“What a beautiful track! he launches just after crossing the finish line. I’m really proud that the city council opted to have the curves paved. ”

Mr. Lussier had not made BMX for several years. He was Canadian champion in 1989-1990 in the 20-inch BMX class at the age of 16.

“It’s hard to come back, I must admit,” he says. There are people much more accustomed than me. ”

Winners table

Expert male

5-6 years old: Zack Asselin

8 years old: Henri Fortier

9-10 years old: Xavier Lefebvre

11-12 years old: Mathys Auger

15-29 years old: Remy Rodrigue

Cruiser: Martin Bourassa

Recreational male

5-6 years old: Eddi Millien

7 years old: Eliam Archambault

8 years old: Lowis Millien

9-10 years old: Damien Archambault

11-12 years old: Louka Bélan

13-14 years old: Nathan Lebeau

15-16 years old: Vincent Couture

30 years and older: Olivier Millien


5-6 years old: Nelly Sarah Archambault

9-10 years old: Élisabeth Bissonette

11-12 years old: Victoria Dubé

13-14 years old: Marianne Myre

15-16 years old: Maïka Rindeau

17-29 years old: Valérie Millien

30 years and older: Andréanne Ferland

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