A first … and last Christmas market

Despite the announcement of the closure of La Fabrique, which is scheduled for December 13, artisans are resilient and meet for the first edition of the Christmas Market, which will probably be the last. The members of the cooperative are ready to welcome the Estriens from December 5th to 7th.
The atmosphere was special in the premises located at 400 rue Marquette. You could feel the frenzy of the holidays, but also the heaviness of an impending closure. Artists can not hide their pain. “The negative will always be negative, says Gaétan Morneau, a cabinetmaker who has been using La Fabrique for two or three years. One could take it positively, as one is supposed to take it, but that does not prevent that the heart bleeds anyway. It does not look outside, but it’s like that. We can not say that we are in the joy of Christmas. ”

However, exhibitors will do everything possible to ensure that a beautiful atmosphere prevails in the market. “It’s a question of atmosphere. If we are able to release a good energy, it will be pleasant. If we are not able to get out of our laxity, it’s harder. However, we will get by, “says Morneau, who often stays from 9 am to 9 pm in the institution.

“It’s quite difficult to manage a market, we welcome and exchange knowing that it’s over, analyzes for its part Leonard Fortin, a glassmaker. It’s two completely opposite ideas. It’s really difficult. After that, there are always solutions. ”

The man considers that La Fabrique was “a church”. “It’s a place where we meet people who make their hands. We exchange our knowledge and our experiences. It allows us to create many things, “he thinks.

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