A curtain-raising victory for Magog Cantoners

The Cantoners of Magog have ruined the local opening of the Gauls of St-Hyacinthe by signing a 4-3 win in curtain of the league Midget AAA of Quebec.
Cis a push four goals in less than eight minutes into the second period when they trailed 1-0 back that allowed champions to pick up where they left off last spring.

Émile Gadoury, twice, veteran Zackary Michaud, who also amassed a pass, and Alex-Antoine Yargeau, with the winning goal, are the players who housed the puck in the back of the net defended by Thomas St-Germain. He was busy in his semicircle, the Cantonniers putting him to the test 32 times. At the other end of the rink, young goalkeeper Rémi Delafontaine des Cantonniers was treated to a quieter evening with 16 saves.

At the end of the third period, Félix Potvin’s troops held up when they had passed a penalty. They even had to defend themselves against four against six with the reminder on the bench of the keeper of the Gauls.


Félix Potvin felt his nervous protégés early in the game, especially in the first 10 minutes. “It’s a little what I had planned. We finished better this first engagement, which allowed us to take control of the game from the second period. We were less dangerous in the last twenty, but in contrast, the Gauls were limited to two shots in this period as they tried to bring about equality. In summary, we had highs and lows, but at the risk of repeating myself, it was predictable. It was the first time I could count on complete alignment. This had never happened in preparatory games, “commented the pilot of the Magogois.

Émile Gadoury and Zackary Michaud earned the first two stars of the game. “Émile has shown great offensive skills and Zackary was Zackary. Disturbing, good in both directions and physical, “said Potvin.

On Sunday, the Cantoners will stop at Lévis against the Knights.

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