A circle of “itinerant” women farmers in Magog

The Farmers’ Club of Magog has a difficult time. The organization occupied premises in the former school of La Relance, but it is now “itinerant” in the eyes of its president, Francine Langlois.
Peveral members of Magog farm Circle attended the last city council meeting of Magog, held Monday. Ms. Langlois then went to the microphone to explain the situation in which her organization is located.

“We urgently need to find a local of about 100 square meters to continue our activities and our involvement in the community. Currently, our seven looms and nine sewing machines and all the goods in our circle are stored and all our activities interrupted, “lamented Ms. Langlois.

The president of the Magog Farmers Club says that she and her colleagues have tried to find new premises in the Magog region, but without success. In many cases, the rental rates were simply too expensive for the organization.

“We conducted a survey of 20 farmer circles in our federation and most of them are hosted and supported by their municipality,” said Francine Langlois, noting that none of the groups surveyed pays more than $ 1,800. per year for its premises.

Hazardous choice

Over the last 20 years, the premises occupied by the Magog Farmers Club were provided free of charge by the École des Sommets commission. The organization has never asked the City of Magog for help in finding housing in the past.

“The mayor told me that we could apply for a rent subsidy and submit it to City Council. But we find it very risky to sign a lease when we consider the high cost of the premises and our means more than limited. What’s more, we do not know how much money would be allocated to us and whether it would be recurrent, “said Ms. Langlois.

During her speech at the microphone, Francine Langlois also mentioned that the Magog Farmers’ Circle is the largest farmer’s circle in the Eastern Townships. It is in its 85th year of existence and had 160 members last June.

The Cercle de Magog knits socks and toques for the Christmas baskets of the Knights of Columbus. It also organizes the Magog Crafts Fair and offers support to various other local organizations.

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