A building entirely dedicated to information technology

A building dedicated entirely to information technology (IT) was inaugurated on Thursday at 2085 Roy Street in Sherbrooke. In fact, it was a triple inauguration of the new premises of Axial and CDE Solutions Informatique and the new Sherbrooke Innopole IT Space.
Axial and CDE Solutions Informatiques offer complementary technological services and develop more and more projects in collaboration. The management of both companies decided to buy the Roy Street building in May and bring their team under the same roof.

“As a result of the acquisition, we renovated the entire building, a project that required about half a million in investments. The renovations ended in July, “says Daniel Giroux, president at Axial, a 17-year-old web agency based in Sherbrooke, France, which now has about 20 employees.

“Our environment is distinguished by the cohabitation of technology professionals, which encourages constructive and stimulating exchanges. In a context of labor scarcity, we demonstrate through our major investments that CDE IT Solutions is an employer of choice, “adds Daniel Lacombe, president of CDE Solutions Informatiques which has about thirty employees.

The grouping at the same address of the company Axial, formerly located in Rock Forest, and CDE Solutions Informatiques, formerly located in the city center, was quite natural. “We have common values ​​and a great capacity to create synergy,” notes Giroux.

Creation of the IT space

The IT building is 12,000 square feet, of which 2,200 have been rented for three years at Sherbrooke Innopole. “These premises will house the new IT Space, which includes about twenty workstations that can be rented and four closed offices that can accommodate between two and five employees. Without having even promoted the new concept, two of the closed offices are already rented, “commented Josée Fortin, Executive Director of Sherbrooke Innopole.

IT Space also includes a conference room, a mini gym, a kitchen area, a secure server room and a large electric generator.

“Sherbrooke Innopole is proud to inaugurate today Espace TI, an exclusive coworking space for companies working in IT, a sector in turmoil. Its creation responds to a need emerging from the environment that we have endeavored to fill, as we did before with the Espace Inc incubator-accelerator and the Espace Labz scientific multi-locator, “added Ms. Fortin.

“With the creation of Espace TI, we want to offer entrepreneurs and professionals in the sector much more than a casual and tailor-made work area: it’s a real space for exchanges, collaboration and even innovation. to which we aspire. The project also includes an interesting work-play dimension, which is increasingly sought after thanks to its proximity to Parc Lucien-Blanchard, a bike path and Lac des Nations, “says Marc-Henri Faure, Director – Business Services Sherbrooke Innopole’s Information Technology key-sector, adding that it is already planned to replicate, in the medium term, the Espace TI model in downtown Sherbrooke.

The project proponents also believe that this new workplace is an opportunity to create multidisciplinary projects with other current and future roommates.

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