A 5th secondary expected at the school of the Odyssey

The two Valcoutroises Elsa Hurtubise and Rosalie Steingue take advantage this fall of the new group of 5th secondary of the school of the Odyssey. The first takes advantage of the new outdoor eco concentration and the second is initiated to chemistry and physics.
The32 students in the new 2019-2020 Odyssey cohort will graduate from the same high school they entered. It should be remembered that young people from Valcourt had to change schools after Secondary IV in order to complete their course at Le Tournesol school in Windsor. Students had to spend more than two hours on a bus every day.

“I’m really happy to stay at Odyssey School. It’s been a while since we wanted to have a Secondary IV. When we were asked if we wanted a Secondary 5, I was still in Secondary III and I did not necessarily think it was our cohort that was going to be the first to graduate, “says Elsa Hurtubise, President student advice.

The one who chose the eco-friendly outdoor concentration is also pleased to have already had the chance to make two educational outings. Jokingly, her classmate, Rosalie, is jealous of not choosing this path.

“The students who have the eco path outdoors, we all want them a little! The other day, the group left school to go canoeing, while on our side, we stayed in the classrooms. We still have fun, “admits Rosalie Steingue laughing.

“In Secondary III, I did not really believe it,” she continues. When we were asked to create our own secondary 5, I realized it was happening. It was intimidating at first, but in the end, it was nice to have the chance to participate in the elaboration of the Secondary 5. We live several “first times”. ”

The two girls, however, agree that, although the new courses are interesting, the fact of being able to keep his friends and the feeling of belonging to the school of the Odyssey is remarkable.

“It’s nice to know that we will continue to rub shoulders with our teachers and our friends. We are a big family. The new courses are also very rewarding and we will continue to have fun throughout the year, “says Elsa Hurtubise.

A project made possible

The members of the Valcourt 2030 organization, whose mission is to make the City of Valcourt shine, asked students at Odyssey High School what they wanted to improve in their school career. . According to Kevin Bombardier, coordinator of Valcourt 2030, the demand for a Secondary 5 was not a surprise to anyone.

“This is a request that has been there for several years. The parents of the current students could very well confirm it. There was a survey that was done and when we realized that the desire was indeed present, the community and the various stakeholders in the community came together to make this project feasible, “says Kevin Bombardier.

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