46 statements of offense in one day

The construction site on the Rue des Grandes-Fourches Nord was the scene of a less brilliant driving experience.
Onthe day of Thursday alone, the Sherbrooke Police Service (SPS) distributed no less than 46 statements of offense. “It’s huge,” says Martin Carrier, spokesperson for the SPS.

“We had two policemen on site. People are aggressive, impatient, they do not respect the instructions of the signalers or the signaling. We have seen blockages from other tracks, squealing tires, etc. “Pedestrians have not been much more respectful,” he adds.

For cell phone use while driving, SPS officers gave 13 reports of violations, says Carrier.

“When you use the cell phone while driving and you do not see the signalmen or the police, it is a serious carelessness problem. It’s dangerous. ”

“No hiding place. We say it: the SPS will be present near the sites at the request of the City to enforce the regulations and ensure safety. ”

The City of Sherbrooke maintains that the reconstruction of part of Grandes-Fourches Street North and Meadow Street continues at a good pace.

As announced last week, King West Road lanes were closed to traffic near Grandes-Fourches Street North to provide a back-up of machinery and equipment storage. embankment.

Pedestrian traffic in this area has also been framed and limited as a security measure, it adds. The lane closures on King Street West will continue this week. The sector is to be avoided.

New projects

According to Jean-Pierre Fortier, divisional manager of water management and construction, Wellington Street North will be closed shortly for two weeks as part of the work on Meadow. Measures to reduce impacts in the sector will be announced soon, says Fortier.

In addition, two major projects will be launched this week, bringing the number of projects underway to around 30. There will be resurfacing of Papineau Street between King Street East and 10th Avenue North. We will also proceed to the Marcel-Gingras Street extension.

We started last week rebuilding Duplessis Road between King East and Quatre-Saisons streets.

In addition, last week, seven construction sites were completed, including the construction of a sidewalk on rue du Mûrier, between the streets of Monarque and Milan, the reconstruction of Marie-Reine and Brault streets and the renovation of rue Louise. , between Pilgrims’ Way and Rue Brulotte.

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