1000 Xanax tablets seized in Magog

A 911 call resulted in the arrest of three individuals, one of whom was a repeat offender, and the seizure of more than one ounce of cocaine and 1,000 tablets of Xanax in Magog.
Cis last Thursday morning that officers of the Memphremagog Police Authority (RPM) received a report about people wanting to break into a home of Stanley Street.

“On the spot, the police intercepted three individuals, including one who was insistent to enter a dwelling without causing breakage,” said Sylvain Guay, a lieutenant at the RPM.

“When the police secured the scene, a stab was seized and the search led to the seizure of more than one ounce of cocaine and 1,000 Xanax tablets.”

The three individuals were arrested. After investigation, one of them was charged with possession of cocaine and Xanax for the purpose of trafficking.

“This is Solomon Niforninui Ibeagha 23 years old from Sherbrooke. He is known to police and has a history of drug trafficking, “says Guay.

“After his appearance, he was detained for further proceedings.”

Hospitalized adolescents

In January 2018, teenagers in the Magog area had been hospitalized after consuming what was thought to be Xanax, a powerful drug used to slow down the central nervous system.

Suspects were arrested and later charged.

Analyzes had found that the homemade tablets were actually replicas of Xanax.

In February of the same year, Xanax tablets were found by a passerby along a Stukely Road in the Bolton-West area.

The Sûreté du Québec had recovered the tablets with the assistance of the City of Brome. Analyzes confirmed that it was Xanax.

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