“100 geniuses” but not nerds

CHRONICLE / The participants of “100 geniuses” are certainly bolées, but not nerds. The set of the new game of Pierre-Yves Lord is also boosted, much more than that of “genius grass” at the time. This new 60-minute youth show, which will appeal to the whole family, deserved a place in ICI Télé’s evening schedule starting Thursday at 8pm.
Pecause we are not bored one minute looking at 100 geniuses , an original concept that Quebec decidedly less silly you leave. As part of a game that makes general knowledge its priority, Pierre-Yves Lord navigates very well, is funny, friendly, but also rigorous, handling with ease the many technical subtleties. You will like it even more.

These young genies from 14 to 17 years were selected after a series of tests, which retained the cream of the crop. Apart from three from Ontario, all other competitors are from Quebec, and at least five are from the Greater Quebec City area. To see the first show, the production found the rare pearls: they are brilliant, cheerful, give a good show, in addition to impress with their vast knowledge. A team spirit was quickly forged, cell phones being banned in the studio. In 2019, it’s rare.

After three questions of departure to the 100 candidates, we select six, which we divide into two teams. The players of the best team will go to the “tour de force”, the final event, which will raise your adrenaline. Each week, we adopt a theme. For the first, all questions revolve around vacations. Then there will be great inventions, money, horror. The questions of 100 geniuses are rarely easy, and that’s good. I missed many, including “which country shares its northern border with Nicaragua?” Treat me ignorant, but it’s Costa Rica.

The game is dynamic, but never complicated. Nothing is worse than rules to finish, which undermine our pleasure. We are not at XOXO , you will understand the principle very quickly. In one of the events, the teams must be able to escape from an escape room by solving an enigma. In the first, you had to be good at math, which was never my case. Do you think a team is going to win? Nothing is done before “the burst”, where the right answers give 20, then 30, then 40 points to the teams. The winning team can defend their title the following week. The 13 th and final issue will bring together the top six in Star game.

I feared the worst when I learned that an artist came to give a performance every week. Cut a game for a song? Fortunately, the number includes information that participants must remember to answer questions. Thursday, LGS comes to interpret its success We lose the head and it goes very well. I can not wait to hear Bleu Jeans Bleu come and make his Cotton Hoodie on the show on the human body on October 17th.

At the press launch, Pierre-Yves Lord could not help but send an arrow to Double occupation, which he has already animated, pointing out that the competitors of 100 geniuses have the merit of being illustrated by their knowledge and their team spirit. What was not really the case of OD , do I need to specify it. HERE Télé smiles success. Fair-Play, which produces the program, is in the process of selling the concept to RTBF in Belgium, among others. I will definitely be a faithful.

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